Which Is Better? Kung-Fu or Karate?

This is a question that comes up in a variety of ways.  Both Karate and Kung-Fu have a lot of similarities, but they also have a number of differences.  While there are variations on the them, for the most part, Karate is more linear in application than Kung-Fu.  The circular motion in Karate is smaller, and the larger circular motion in Kung-Fu is significantly more focused upon. 

Both Kung-Fu and Karate are very powerful styles. We focus on teaching a modified Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate system and combine it with a Northern Mantis system of Kung-Fu.  (This combines the linear and circular aspects and teaches them together, as they absolutely complement each other.)

The simple answer to the, “Which is better” question is that it will depend on what you enjoy.  The small circles and linear motion more commonly found in the traditional Karate systems are very direct and powerful.  The large circular motions found in many of the traditional Kung-Fu styles obtain power through momentum and larger movement.  But, both Karate and Kung-Fu similarly focus on core strength and similar fundamentals surrounding movement and methodology with self-defense.  

Karate and Kung-Fu classes both offer a great workout, and they both help the practitioner gain strength and mobility.  Whether you enjoy Kung-Fu training more, or Karate training, whether you are young or old, or whether you are a beginner, or advanced… you are sure to enjoy the training journey, as it’s a positive experience that provides the student with lifelong benefits… and the ability to continue learning throughout the different stages of life.

If you live in or near West Hartford, and you are interested in taking either Karate classes or Kung-Fu classes, we offer a free session for you to try things out. Give us a call at 860-922-5343, or click the link to register.

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