So close…

There is one primary reason why most people haven’t yet reached their goals, and it’s a simple one. It’s something that I’ve struggled with, and it just may be the one primary thing that’s holding you back from your goals.

That one thing is consistency.

Think about it. The difference that separates a fitness star from a couch potato is the consistency with which the former applies effort to their diet and exercise routine. That’s it!

What if I told you that you’re 5 feet from gold? That if you simply dug in a little deeper, and were willing to “stay the course” with consistency, you’d finally achieve the big results that you’ve been hoping for all along.

You are 5 feet from gold; don’t stop now!

The fact is that anyone can stick with something for a little while. Anyone can complete a challenge. Anyone can finish a 30-day program. Anyone can put in 2 weeks of solid effort.

It’s those who click into consistency that see the big changes and experience the joy and triumph of real accomplishment. I want this for you.

I know people who see how valuable consistency is, and they want to do it, BUT they get off track at points… time and time again. So, how can they tap into the consistency needed to make a real improvement in their life? These three steps can help, and I’ll use health and fitness for the example (since that’s where I spend most of my professional time with clients)…

See it: Define exactly what it is you want to be consistent on. For example, instead of saying that “I’ll start exercising,” say that, “I’ll do the 6:00 pm Krav Maga session on Mondays and Tuesdays, and the 6:45pm Muay Thai Kickboxing class on Thursdays.” And, instead of, “I’ll start eating healthy,” say that, “I’ll eat XX number of calories per day divided into 5 small meals.” The more specific the better!

Keep in mind that you are defining your actions – not your outcome. Don’t use this step to determine what size jeans you want to fit into. That outcome is a byproduct of you consistently doing the actions. Just clearly define the actions that you need to be consistent on.

Feel it: Now that you’ve determined the actions needed, let’s think about that outcome and clearly define it. Be specific! What will you look like? What will that healthier body feel like? How will your friends and family respond to you being healthier and more confident?

It’s time to get your emotions all tied up in your quest. Daydream about getting to that outcome, feel it… emotionally take ownership of the idea of owning it.

Do it: You’re clear about what you want. You feel invested in getting the results. Now, go about the business of taking consistent action toward your goal. 

Yes, this sounds simple, and it is. Be consistent and you’ll be far more likely to reach your goals.  If they include feeling stronger, healthier, more fit, more capable, more focused, and/or safer, we can help.  Reach out to us, and we will help you get started, or stay motivated.  Wherever you are in your journey, we are here for you!