We are a clean water zone!

One might wonder why we don’t sell nor endorse the buying of bottled water. The answer is simple: water needs to stay where it is, and the people who live where water is located need access to it!  Many water companies are buying ground water rights from countries who can’t turn down the offer because they need the money.  These countries then have incredible problems related to accessibility of drinking water.  Corporations have done some horrible things in the name of profit, and they are using water to feed their greed.  Everybody deserves to have clean, potable water.  We encourage you to bring in a bottle when you come to class and get water from our drinking fountain when needed instead of bringing in a bottle of water.   water-drop

2 thoughts on “We are a clean water zone!”

  1. Darin,

    One point that you could also include, water from most all municipal systems is phenomenally cheaper and cleaner than bottled water. Municipal water is the best deal in the world!

    See you at the school
    Jeff Tyler

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