Philosophy & Environment

What makes one martial arts school different than another? Why should you choose Plus One Defense Systems? We are unique, and we are different than any school in the area. While the physical martial arts are taught, we have a peaceful focus that is at the foundation of the teaching. As well, we provide a level of individual care that is unsurpassed.

The notion of martial arts training is often misunderstood and misconstrued. At its heart, our system teaches this:

Because I respect others, I will do all that I can to live peacefully. Because I can maintain a calm demeanor in the midst of a tense situation, I will do what is feasible to avoid a physical confrontation. Because I understand what a physical strike can do, I will not use one unless it is absolutely necessary. Because I have humility, and I am confident, I don’t need to fight. If this means that I back down from a fight, then so be it. If this means that I take a verbal insult without physical retaliation, then so be it. I choose pacifism. I choose it because I am aware. However, if I should need to defend myself or others, then I have an understanding of how to do so.

The true martial artist is one of the most peaceful people you will ever meet. S/he is of high moral character, modest, courteous, and controlled. At Plus One Defense Systems we hold to the notion of a chosen physical peace with others whenever possible, and we aim to provide the student with the highest degree of knowledge and skills that s/he can obtain regarding physical confrontations- how to evade them, and how to defend oneself or another when evasion is not a feasible option.

With this emphasis, Plus One Defense Systems is a great place to learn. Children are educated regarding a personal defensive awareness, and they are educated regarding defensive concepts and techniques. They learn forms, combinations, sparring and self-defense. More importantly, they learn about how to withstand negative peer-pressure. Our students are taught about how to utilize self-restraint within situations and how to come to a peaceful outcome. Of equal value, they obtain a level of preparedness and self-confidence that is not only important in difficult situations, but in every day life. All the while, they are earning their belts, and they gain a level of integrity, responsibility, and respect that carries over into other areas of their lives.

Adults learn and advance, gaining rank, through an effective and beautiful martial arts system in an environment that fosters growth. Weaknesses are made stronger, and individual strengths are brought out further. Confidence and defensive awareness are cultivated in a goal-oriented atmosphere. Forms, combinations, sparring, and self-defense concepts and techniques are taught at a deep level.

We offer training in in Kung-Fu, Karate, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Aikido, Jujutsu, Freestyle Kickboxing, Judo, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts/MMA, Capoeira, Kali/Silat, Kettlebell Training, and soft style arts… all under one roof!  Students often focus on learning a specific style or system, but all are welcome to cross train in multiple styles.  We are located at 9 Tolles Street in West Hartford, Connecticut, right next to Home Depot.  We look forward to training with you and invite you to try a free session with us.