Instructors at Plus One Defense Systems, West Hartford, CT

Instructors at Plus One Defense Systems will help you meet your training goals in a healthy and positive environment. We’re very proud to have the talented team that we do. Please click an instructor’s name below to view that instructor’s picture, profile, personal statements, and some noted achievements.

Kyoshi Darin Reisler

Let me start by saying the martial arts have been a wonderful addition to my life. I have been a student for over 35 years, and I hope to continue studying and teaching for at least fifty more!

Professor Robert Austin

Professor Austin has achieved high level black belt ranking in several disciplines, and he is an avid practitioner of the Filipino martial arts systems. He is the current head of the United Martial Arts Alliance, and he has founded a number of martial arts academies in Colorado.

Mestre Marcus Aurelio

Mestre Marcus has nearly 40 years of experience with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He runs the Marcus Aurelio Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Florida. As a multiple time Pan Champion, PRIDE Fighting Champion, and the person who holds the record for the fastest submission in UFC history, we are thankful to be in his lineage.

Professor Marco Delima

Born and raised in Fortaleza, Brazil, Professor Marco has been practicing Jiu-Jitsu for over 20 years, Marco Delima is a 3rd degree black belt under Marcus Aurelio (Carlson Gracie lineage).

Aaron Hickey

Started Muay Thai in 2006 in Minnesota at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy (now known as The Academy) under Greg Nelson Continued when moved back to Vermont, and then on to CT where I began at Plus One

Bruno Lichtenstein

Styles Taught Brazilian Jiujitsu, Financial Jiu jitsu. (Bruno loves being on the mat. I have offered to pay him. He has refused to accept it; he just wants to be here, train, and share his knowledge and love of BJJ with others.)

CJ Lundberg

CJ has been studying the martial arts for over eight years. He greatly enjoys assisting with the classes and continuing his learning in the major disciplines.

Elias Morales, Jr.

I value the lifestyle and virtues of a true martial artist: Respect, Discipline, Honor, Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Courage and Compassion. I grew up watching Bruce Lee and all sorts of martial arts movies with my father, who was my motivation when I first began studying Uechi-Ryu Karate at age 6.

Joel Melendez

Joel (AKA Suave) is an accomplished Capoeirista with an energy for the art that is highly contagious. Included in his experience, Joel trained with Mestre Efraim Silva for four years, and he has trained with Mestre Pinga Fogo for eight years.

Marlene Reisler

Professor Marlene has been training at Plus One for about twelve years. An experienced educator by profession, teaching is in Marlene’s blood. She enjoys being the Head Instructor of the Women’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program and is one of the founding members of that group.

RonZel Hendrix

A black belt in the Sho Biyn Jiu system, Ronzel is a fantastic martial artist. His dedication shows in the way he performs. He is wonderful example of what it means to be a martial artist… on and off the mat. We are proud to have him on staff as an Assistant Instructor.

Travis Johnson

Travis has been training for close to ten years. He is an accomplished martial artist and is the captain of our Karate competition team. He is an assistant instructor with the kids and adults, and he is the head instructor of our Kali program.

Keith Scagliola

Keith, or Pai, as he is affectionately called by his fellow Capoeiristas, has studied Capoeira for many years under the direction of Joel Melendez and Mestre Pinga Fogo, with Capoeira Ginga Brasil.

Dori Sargent

Dori Sargent has been practicing yoga since 1990. She is a 500 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), 95 M-HYI (Master Holy Yoga Instructor), Creator/Owner of FiG Tree Yoga, and School Counselor.

Ajarn Nelson Siyavong

Ajarn Nelson started training at twelve years old in the Northeast Esan regions of Thailand under his late grandfather Sattrajarn Peuy in 1962. Ajarn Nelson turned pro at 14 years old securing his first local championship title.

David Abreu

Coach David has been training with us in Muay Thai for over five years, and he’s one of our active fighters. He brings an understanding of competition to his training methodology, and he greatly enjoys working with students and helping them improve their skills in the ring and on the mats.

Alberto Collazo

Coach Alberto originally started training with us in 2006 when he was just a boy. He grew up on the mats at Plus One! 🙂 With experience in the ring and on the mats, Coach Alberto works with advanced and beginner Muay Thai students.

Scott Myrick

Scott Myrick is a Certified Athletic Trainer and is the preferred strength and conditioning coach for the competitive athletes who train at Plus One Defense Systems.

We train students to become more than the sum of their training.

We offer martial arts classes for people in the greater Hartford, CT area. We have martial arts classes in many styles. Click a class of interest for more information on this martial arts system:

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