Ajarn Nelson Siyavong

Ajarn Nelson started training at twelve years old in the Northeast Esan regions of Thailand under his late grandfather Sattrajarn Peuy in 1962. Ajarn Nelson turned pro at 14 years old securing his first local championship title. He went on to be provincial championship title holder. He has over 300 career Muay Thai fights, and now, at 68 years old he is passing on the legacy of Muay Lao Jang Wa around the world.

He decided years ago that it was important to teach all aspects of Muay Lao Jang Wa and give all the details surrounding this rhythmic system.

The Muay Lao Jang Wa Association was founded by Ajarn Nelson Khampheui Siyavong (the current President of the association). Ajarn Nelson is Darin Reisler’s Muay Thai instructor, and Ajarn comes to Plus One Defense Systems from time-to-time to teach seminars.