Are you ready to take back the control of your life?

It’s been a brutal two years, and many people have come to us in that time expressing that they feel like they have lost control of their lives.  If you feel this way, I have a question for you.  Are you ready to take back the control of your life?  David did just that, and he has lost 75 pounds in the last year and half!  

I have dozens of testimonial videos from our members that have had similar experiences.  

Have you tried the big corporate gym?  Have you tried “working out” and had limited success?  Come see why training with us is different and has a significantly higher success rate of helping you reach your goals… all while having fun, learning a life-skill, and meeting new people.

Check out David’s 45 second video testimonial, where he talks about starting at 260 pounds.  (He’s now about 185 pounds.) If you feel similar to the way he did when he started with us, and you want to take control of your life back, we can help.  

We’re centrally located in West Hartford; the first session is free, and we offer a wide array of training options to fit different schedules and desires.

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