Who ever earned a black belt in dieting?!

Fitness through Martial Arts and Yoga Classes in West Hartford, CT

Training in the martial arts is one of the most effective ways to get physically fit and healthy – and stay that way. We’ve all tried dieting, walking, and going to the gym at some point in our adult life. But if you didn’t keep up with the routine – as many of us do not – then it’s time to try something new. Taking martial arts and yoga classes as an adult is effective because it provides structure, strategy, and teaches skills that everyone should learn.

Friendly, Professional Martial Arts Instruction

The simple truth is that skills are easier to learn when you have a mentor. The friendly and experienced instructors at Plus One Defense systems are here to help you reach your adult fitness goals in a safe way while teaching you self defense, a skill that cannot be overlooked.

Side effects of certain diet plans can be inconvenient or even harmful to your overall health. Conversely, the side effects of training in martial arts – whether you are into kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, kung fu, krav maga, capoiera, or something else – are all beneficial! Athletes, doctors and martial arts practitioners have found that overall body health, weight control, mental acuity, and positive outlook are all benefits of training consistently in martial arts.

Structure & Strategy in Martial Arts Classes for Adult Fitness

Any martial art, from kenpo to MMA, has a plan – this plan is not 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days. The plan is for life. Don’t worry though, achieving levels of physical fitness that you never dreamed possible are within reach and it will not take to a lifetime to get there!

How fast you reach your fitness goal is really up to you. With a membership at Plus One Defense Systems …

  • You take as many classes as you like each week.
  • You can mix and match styles.
  • You can use the full featured gym, locker rooms, and showers.
  • You can take yoga for added flexibility and body improvement.
  • You can speak to instructors about your goals and get expert advice on adult fitness and nutrition.

When you train in martial arts, remember that you are following a plan that has often been developed for centuries or even millennia! This stuff wasn’t invented last month! Each martial art has a rich history and lineage. Parts that did not help practitioners have been discarded and those that did help were kept and improved upon. By applying this structure and strategy to your training – as well as to reaching your health goals – you have a much better chance of sticking with it and reaching those goals.

To get started, call Kyoshi Darin Reisler at 860.922.5343 or sign up online for your free intro class today.