Anti-bullying and self confidence martial arts classes for kids in West Hartford, CT

Bullying can be a real issue for children in school

We know the issue of bullying in schools and at large is on a lot of people’s minds these days. At Plus One Defense Systems, we teach not only the physical aspects of martial arts, but the mental and social defense skills that kids need to learn. A child must be able to:

  • be aware of their surroundings and peers,
  • know the difference between “horseplay” and bullying,
  • have the confidence and skills avoid or escape danger,
  • AND have a code of ethics themselves which guides them to be positive role models in their community.

Awareness of Surroundings

All martial arts schools aim to teach methods of self defense. But without awareness, physical skills become useless. Learning how to be aware is also not a concept that is often taught in school or at home. We do because we know how important it is to all around self-defense and safety.

Knowing the difference

Knowing the difference between good-natured “horseplay” or “goofing-around” and bullying is an extremely important skill. Our instructors discuss this often with children when everyone gathers together at the end of a class. We discuss right from wrong, character building, family and community connection, and how to identify a potentially dangerous situation.

Try it out

We offer a free introduction to all our martial arts classes which will help your child get through school and life safely. We aim to help them grow as martial artists but also as people. Signing up takes only a few minutes.