New Martial Arts Classes Being Added in West Hartford

It’s very exciting to see people coming back to train in the martial arts!  In June and July we have seen some great growth and participation, and we have brought back Capoeira!  (If you used to train in Capoeira, we are now back to our three day a week schedule for that style.)  Classes meet on Mondays (7:45pm), Thursdays (7:45pm), and Saturdays (12:15pm).  Capoeira is an amazing martial art that is very peaceful and focuses on movement, specifically through dance.  

In addition to Capoeira being back “in-full” after a two year hiatus, we have added a youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class to Friday evenings at 6pm, which is just before the youth Muay Thai Kickboxing class at 6:45pm.  (Many kids do both classes, back-to-back.)

On that note, we have youth Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu back-to-back on Mondays (starting on August 29th).  They run concurrently right now at 5:30pm. However, as of the 29th, they will run consecutively at 5:30pm and 6:15pm, respectively. 

Adult Krav Maga is seeing very solid participation rates, and we added the advanced class back to Monday nights.  

Primarily working out in the Traditional Dojo classroom,​ adult Kung-Fu is very well attended, and I’m happy to say that this group continues to build.  We obtained new mats for the traditional area (as pictured).  The mats were installed last week, and they are a huge upgrade from what we were using.  (We also replaced the mats in the Contemporary Dojo, and those are fantastic, but it’s literally an apples-to-apples switch, so I’m not sure some folks will notice.)  And, if you were here and helped us change out the mats last Wednesday… thank you!  Many hands made for light work!  (If you’re on the list for purchasing the old mats, they are now available.  Just go to the front desk to get more information.) ​

For more information about the schedule of classes, visit​ or call 860-922-5343.