Kung Fu AND Yoga under one roof? We have both at our West Hartford Dojo!

Why take Kung Fu AND Yoga in West Hartford, CT?

Let’s take a look at some components that are core to each system.


Kung Fu training is an exceptional way to develop balance. By learning forms, working striking/blocking combinations, and drilling footwork/stances, you will unlock levels of balance you never thought you would have. The diversity in training techniques helps you develop “balance in motion.”

Yoga is ALL about balance. Asanas are postures which challenge and strengthen all the little muscles responsible for stabilizing yourself. In Yoga, you will hold postures, giving you a great isometric workout and you’ll develop “balance in stillness” as well as through gradual transitions of postures.


If you forget to breathe while training in Kung Fu … well, you won’t! Your body will eventually force you to take a breath. Your muscles need oxygenated blood to keep working. Through coaching (and listening to your body) you develop an innate sensibility about breathing and how it coordinates with movement.

Yoga is ALL about breathing. Various techniques of breathing are taught which draw air fully into your pulmonary system, enabling you to breathe through challenging postures.


Kung fu stances and forms may appear showy or impractical for some self-defense scenarios. Guess what – that’s by design. By teaching pronounced stances and strikes with big, circular motions, Kung-Fu conditions your body and focuses on range of motion.  (If you can do it big, you can do it little.)

Yoga is ALL about flexibility. I know I keep saying that but it’s true! The postures/asanas taught in Yoga keep your joints flexible and lubricated. The more Yoga you do, the deeper you’ll sink into your postures, lengthening your muscles.

Verdict: Kung Fu and Yoga are best friends.

If you are interested in Kung Fu and Yoga and you live in the greater Hartford area, you can take both at our Academy in West Hartford, CT. We charge one membership fee and you are welcome to come to as many different styles as you would like each week. If you’re already a member and take either Yoga or Kung Fu – try the other! They truly go hand-in-hand.

Kung Fu in a nutshell

Kung Fu, kungfu or gung fu/gongfu refers to the Chinese Martial Arts, also called Wushu and Quanfa. In China, it refers to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete.

— Wikipedia

Yoga in a nutshell

Yoga is comprised of a practice that incorporates physical, mental, and spiritual aspects that come together into a system of study that is practiced with a large focal point on the asanas and breath work.

At Plus One Defense systems, our system of Yoga, FiG Yoga, is unique for our area in that our instruction is focused from a Biblical background and provides the practitioner with a Christian Yoga experience.  (You practice the appropriate positions/asanas… and the spiritual focus of the class is one of a Christian nature.  Christian Yoga in the greater West Hartford area is difficult to find.  If you’re looking for it… we have it!)  You can register for a free session today.  Just click on the “Membership” tab and schedule a free session to start.