The Power of a Positive Peer Group

Many places teach martial arts, but the environment at Plus One Defense Systems is unique. We encourage a team spirit and camaraderie that you feel when you walk through the door. As you look around a class, you will see members smiling and chatting as they train. There is a genuine connection between coach and student and between classmates. We believe that learning martial arts is much more than just exercise or defending oneself. It is an experience – an opportunity to meet people, to build a peer group. The people and connections you make on your journey will help and support you while you reach new heights as a martial artist.

Peer comes from the Latin par which means equal. Folks who are in your age group, experience level, and/or involved in similar pursuits are therefore your peers. So it is wise to make connections in the context of positive pursuits because these peers will be a factor in shaping your personal development. When you consider a martial arts school, look beyond the numbers and trophy case. Look for enjoyment, positive chatter, shouts of encouragement, a pat on the back and a nod from sparring opponents.

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