Martial Arts and Delayed-Gratification

The martial arts can be thought of as a path – along the path, you will experience a very personal journey of growth in many areas of your life. But it takes time, patience, and perseverance. In today’s “Amazon Prime” world where an order placed by 3pm is expected the next day, the idea of learning martial arts over a span of decades is straight up overwhelming. It may even seem incomprehensible. You know that there will be moments of happiness and pride through accomplishment – but when?

This is the experience of delayed-gratification, and there is certainly value to it. Things that come easily and without wait also tend to be taken for granted. Before long, the feeling of gain is forgotten and we are left seeking something. Conversely, things that take awhile to acquire are cherished, and the feeling of accomplishment is lasting.

To be honest, you have probably experienced delayed-gratification in the past. Remember working two summer jobs while your friends were at parties just so you could buy that used Honda Civic? Remember how much you loved that car – rust and all – once it was yours? You may have known a pal who was given a shiny, newer car, and you may have noticed a difference in how you both treated and regarded your vehicles. There is value to a path that involves work, effort, and showing up again and again.

Your martial arts journey will be one of work and effort; of learning and putting yourself to the test; of defeat and of victory. The effect of training in martial arts will go beyond weight loss. It will be more than muscle gain and flexibility. It even goes beyond self-confidence. Over time, you will get in touch with a mental balance of all things that can only be obtained through this process of delayed-gratification.

At Plus One Defense Systems, we are known for teaching the martial arts with integrity, respect, and professionalism. Your accomplishments and contributions as a member will be your own. We invite you to train with us and experience a unique journey on a path of physical and mental self-discovery.

Photo by Nicole Bedard Photography