Interested in Karate Classes near West Hartford, CT?

Plus One Defense Systems in West Hartford, CT is a great choice for individuals and families interested in karate classes. We have been teaching martial arts in the West Hartford area since the turn of the millennium and we’ve consistently garnered positive reviews. Our dojo is clean, safe, and organized. The staff is friendly and professional. Our karate classes are well-structured, teaching not only how to strike and defend, but also how to grow as a person and build character.

You’re entitled to a FREE karate class. We want you to have an opportunity to check out our school and karate classes at no cost!

Karate is for self-defense

Gichin Funakoshi, founder of Shotokan Karate, believed that one should be “inwardly humble and outwardly gentle.”[1] Only with a proper attitude (kokoro) and open mind can one truly absorb all that encompasses learning karate. While the practitioner – or karateka (空手家) – is taught punches, kicks, defensive blocks, they are also required to build character by learning tenants of good virtue. In this sense, we at Plus One Defense systems in fact are teaching karatedō. The suffix, –dō, is like saying, “the way of ________;” so, “the way of karate” in this case. It is a path to being a well-rounded individual and knowing the appropriate time when karate should be employed, not just learning the techniques.

We teach Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate

Karate has a long history, originating in the Ryukyu Kingdom which would eventually become part of Japan. Our karate classes in West Hartford derive from Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate. Parker made modifications to traditional Kenpo to better adapt to modern times and confrontational situations on the streets in America. Parker encouraged his students to spread and augment the art of karate.

American Kenpo has a structured curriculum where strikes and blocks flow from one to the next. The goal is always to defend against an attack while simultaneously delivering blows to end the confrontation quickly – and allow you to escape to safety quickly.

Does Plus One Defense Systems offer karate sparring?

You bet! American Kenpo is founded on the principle of efficiency and applicability to real physical confrontation. In our karate classes, you will not only learn karate  in a line-up – we break into groups, put on safety gear, and work on techniques in sparring drills. Beginning students are expected to use light contact as they spar and increase confidence. As students graduate to higher belt levels, we allow students to adjust contact force within safe limits.

Sparring is essential to learning how to employ your body for self defense. It is a crucial part of learning how others move and may attack. Therefore, we highly encourage karate sparring as part of your training.

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