Everyone has the right to defend themselves. Do you know how when the time comes?

Self-defense is an important skill that everyone should possess. And to be honest, the skills we teach at Plus One Defense Systems in West Hartford are not just physical. A huge part of staying safe is much simpler than performing complex defensive techniques. Being aware of your surroundings, making good choices that put you in safer situations, and recognizing signs of danger are mental self defense techniques that we discuss regularly.

The first thing to know is that the knowledge of proper and true self-defense is within reach. Martial arts offer us a deeper look into the science, discipline, and art of self-defense. Training gives you the tools you need to sufficiently defend yourself when necessary. Through regular training, you will have a better understanding of your physical capabilities. Another major benefit is that you can keep a cooler, calmer head in the face of confrontation.

It is important for everyone to learn self-defense – martial arts are an avenue to using self defense properly. These are some reasons why we believe it is crucial to study self defense in a martial arts setting.

1) Recognize situations where self-defense is necessary

Any type of physical confrontation or threat of it triggers a snap-decision process. It is called the fight or flight response and it is human nature. We either fight to defend ourselves, or we flee to avoid the situation entirely.

While learning martial arts in your chosen style, we not only drill techniques that can be used in a physical confrontation but also discuss situations and how you can respond. It’s important to identify the threat level, the risks involved, and to recognize signs that an attack is imminent. Without these tools, you are just reacting emotionally and will likely always choose to either fight or flee. Making the right choice is crucial to your safety, so we spend plenty of time helping to prepare you to make the safest choice – and then to execute that choice with maximum efficiency.

2) Learn additional techniques to deal with volatile situations

Your self-defense involves every part of you, but more than anything else, it involves your mind. Once you have identified a situation as being potentially dangerous, having a plan – a process – for that situation really helps. Depending on what is happening, it may be wise to become more hidden or more visible, to be quiet or to speak loudly and clearly, to hold your hands in a certain way that signals peace and calm while preparing your body for defensive/evasive maneuvers.

A real physical threat is a tricky thing to deal with, and it’s important that you have many options available to you to determine the right course of action. Simply having a fight or flight option is not sufficient to keep you and your loved ones safe. We teach statistically successful techniques and procedures to handle volatile situations whether on the street or in your home.

3) Keeping cool(er) and calm(er)

How does the matador calmly negotiate a charging, horned beast that outweighs him 5 times over? How does a rock-climber dangle at death-defying angles yet find her next hand- or foot-hold without losing her resolve? The answer is simple: practice, practice, practice.

We are emotional creatures. Whether dealing with road rage, a fight on the street, or any other physical confrontation, your emotional state will influence your actions. A calm state allows you to make the most logical decisions while an unstable one can lead to snap-decisions without much thought.

The good news is that your emotional state can be kept in check if you are regularly training yourself to handle situations effectively! By enrolling in martial arts classes, you are making a commitment to yourself that will teach you physical techniques, improve your level of fitness, grow your self-confidence, and ultimately lead to a calmer you that is ready for life’s twists and turns.

4) Be equipped with the tools you need to protect yourself

Martial arts empower us with the tools we need to protect ourselves and those around us. There are situations where getting physical is completely unavoidable. It could be a bully at school who grabs your arm, a choke from behind in a dark parking lot, or a verbal confrontation that has escalated to the point of an assault. These are times when your personal safety is #1, and it is precisely these moments when you want your body to kick into a combination of muscle memory and quick decision making to end the conflict as soon as possible.

Whether you train in boxing, kickboxing, kung fu, or grappling by way of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, martial arts give us the tools to exert the right force and execute methods of self-defense intelligently. The knowledge and wisdom contained in every lesson we teach has been passed down through many generations and survives the test of time.


If you find yourself worrying about how you would fare if attacked on the street, at school, or in your home, sign up for a trial class at Plus One Defense Systems and start your martial arts journey today. You have a right to defend yourself when attacked. We want to introduce you to all the ways to do so safely and effectively. We look forward to training with you.