Women’s Self Defense Classes offered in West Hartford, CT

Are you or a friend looking for women’s self defense classes in CT? Plus One Defense Systems offers many styles of martial arts including kickboxing, krav maga, brazilian jiu jitsu, kung fu, and more. In fact, Plus One was the first academy in CT to offer a Women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class.

Hand-to-hand self-defense is an important component to personal safety for all of us. Most self-defense “crash courses” offered elsewhere only give a cursory look at the skills and techniques needed to handle an attacker, and they cost more than a 6-month membership at our academy. Don’t be fooled – taking a 3-hour crash course will probably not give students the self-confidence, environmental awareness, or long-term muscle memory to be able to react fast and stay safe when danger is imminent.

Our academy teaches real martial arts. Learning women’s self-defense takes time and dedication, but the result is a healthier, more prepared YOU!

You can sign up for a free introduction class, visit our membership page today!