Women’s Self Defense and Kickboxing

Plus One Defense Systems offers many types of martial arts classes for women looking to get in shape, gain confidence, and learn to defend themselves. We don’t teach watered down “cardio kickboxing” – we offer true Muay Thai kickboxing which meets or exceeds all the fitness benefits of “cardio kickboxing” but also teaches real world self defense. We offer Krav Maga which is gaining more and more popularity as the martial art of choice for self defense because it was designed to end confrontations quickly, effectively, and allow you to escape dangerous situations. When it comes to close quarter combat and submission techniques, nothing beats true Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Plus One Defense Systems was host to the very first all-women’s BJJ class in the state.

In addition to self defense classes, you can also cool down and improve flexibility with our Yoga classes!

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