Youth MMA Classes in West Hartford – Safe Mixed Martial Arts Training

Youth MMA Training and Classes in West Hartford

Kids and teens LOVE Mixed Martial Arts – it’s popular on TV, it’s great self defense training, and they get to experience and learn a variety of martial arts styles. If you’re looking for Youth Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes, we’ve got them right here in West Hartford at our martial arts academy. We train MMA students in a range of techniques and disciplines in our 10000 sq. ft. facility. Martial art styles taught include Muay Thai Kickboxing, Krav Maga, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu among others. Our instructors who have competed in amateur and professional MMA bouts are at your disposal, and our facility has not only ample training areas, but a locker room with clean showers, full gym, regulation MMA cage, and pro shop.

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Our classes are safe, our facility is clean, and our instructional staff is friendly and unparalleled in the state.

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Tour our facility, meet the staff and instructors, and take a class. Nothing speaks louder than the real experience. Your introductory class will get you familiar with our training style, the amazing vibe at Plus One Defense Systems, and our facility that has everything you need to get a start in MMA.


What if I already train in a martial art?

Totally cool! Our MMA training will compliment your current knowledge and self defense skills! Conversely, the work you’ve put in to learn any martial art will be useful in your MMA training. It will give you an edge in certain areas of your training, but our MMA classes will expand upon that foundation, rounding you out in self defense skills or as a competitor.


We look forward to training with you!