2020 Guide – Health Benefits of Martial Arts Classes

Training in the martial arts is a sure way to become healthier all-around. Your body can greatly benefit from the physical aspects of training. Your mind will benefit by being actively challenged to learn new ways to move and engage the body. And your spirit will benefit from an environment which is supportive, motivating, and positive. At Plus One Defense Systems in West Hartford, CT, we bring all of this together daily in our martial arts training.

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Martial Arts Encompasses Flexibility, Cardio, Strength, Endurance, and Agility

Flexibility is a crucial and often overlooked or under-emphasized prerequisite for any physical activity, especially as we get older. Children who start in martial arts early often stay with it throughout their lives, and they benefit from the guided stretching and flexibility exercises of every class. But even if you are starting martial arts as an adult, you can reclaim the flexibility that you had as a kid! This is great news, and it’s not only something to take with you to the mats, but something that can help prevent injuries at work or just doing the daily routines of life.

Cardio is exercise that gets the heart rate up and requires lots of breathing to deliver oxygen to the muscles. Sustained physical activity is key to a good cardio workout. While exercising on a treadmill or jogging can provide a decent cardio workout, some folks need a little more stimulation to stay motivated. A martial arts class does this because it’s always dynamic and engaging all parts of you.

Overall body conditioning and strength are built over time by the repetitive contraction and extension of muscles. Adding weight or opposing force creates resistance and speeds gain in muscle. All activities from stretching and warming up to performing forms and sparring promote gains in strength through natural motion. This allows the body to gradually build to better and better overall condition. At Plus One, we also have a full gym for those who wish to supplement their training with weights.

Endurance is the ability to sustain physical activity for longer and longer periods without tiring as easily. Naturally, as your martial arts training becomes more intense, your body becomes conditioned and endurance increases.

Agility is the body’s ability to quickly move, change direction, and react. These faculties are critical to self defense, and they can only be cultivated through physical activity which demands them. Martial arts training works all aspects of agility both in line drills which are designed to improve form and speed, and in sparring which naturally demands higher and higher levels of reaction speed and accuracy.