Learn all styles online at Plus One Defense Systems

One of the things that makes Plus One Defense Systems unique is that we have so many different experts teaching different systems- all under one roof! I’m always inviting our Muay Thai students to train in Kung-Fu, and our Kung-Fu students to train in Krav Maga, and our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students to try Capoeira… etc. I do this because I’ve trained in these systems, and I know how wonderfully they complement each other. However, many people are not able to try the different classes. We now have the opportunity to make that happen for you. We have a website dedicated to helping our current students continue their training. There are over 1000 videos, and you receive a daily lesson NOT in BJJ only… and NOT just in Krav Maga only, or Kung-Fu, but our students get a DAILY LESSON IN EVERY STYLE THAT WE OFFER! If you are a student with us, e-mail me for your access code to www.TheLemonadeNetwork.com. Students of Plus One… I hope you are thirsty.