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You may be asking yourself, “What is Z-Health?”  I found myself asking the same question. 

Our very own Michael Golden is a Z-Health Master Trainer.  This approach to training and mobility is working wonders.  Basically, the Z-Health approach works with your body’s nervous system to make immediate changes in speed, strength, flexibility, balance, motor learning, and pain.  It’s vastly different than any approach to performance enhancement and rehabilitation that I have ever seen.  We have had many students participate in private and group training sessions with a focus on utilizing the Z-Health methods.  A number of them are seeing gains in performance and a decrease in pain.  Some participants are finding that pain they have had for years has simply vanished.  I know it sounds a little radical.  It looks a little radical, too… but it works!

If you have a question or a comment about Z-Health, please feel free to leave it.
Specifically, feel free to leave a testimonial!  Many people who train with us experience pain in their joints or a lack of mobility.  Let’s get the word out that the Z-Health system, and our certified trainer with Z-Health, Michael Golden, may be able to help them!

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28 thoughts on “Z-Health: Leave Your Pain!”

  1. I was rolling in Gabriel’s class Tuesday night. When I was called for my second match up. I felt something on my knee, but thinking mostly my pants had a fold there. I fixed my pants three times before lifting up my pants to see what was bothering me as well as giving me discomfort. That’s when I saw it! An alien growing and ready to pop out right from under my knee! All I could think of is how much time do I have before my friends in the gym are in DANGER!! lol. I’m kidding, but really I don’t know what I did to get that or what it was to be honest, but it was the size of a golf ball. So here where Mike comes in. he took a look at it, put on his thinking face and then when to work on it. He had me do a few movements with my arm, elbow and wrist while he worked some Mr. Miyagi magic. lol. No really I notice the swelling went down at least 30% after he was done. He gave me some instructions to help while I’m at home and when I woke up this morning I swear I have no bump, lump or swelling. So Thanks a lot Mike for helping me out with the experience and knowledge you possess with Z-Health on fixing my leg.

  2. Mike Golden is one of kickboxing instructors. I have been working on flexibility for 10 months. When I do my single-leg hamstring stretch I could only have my head touch my knee and not the mat. Within 60 seconds Mike taught me a technique that helped me bring my head all the way down to the mat. I was astonished.

    Thank you Mike.

  3. Hi Benjamin, thank you very much for the positive comment. Give me a call when you are in the area, and we will set something up for you and your wife. My telephone number is 860-922-5343. Peace, Darin

  4. I must say that I am impressed reading some of these testimonials regarding your ability and the effectivenss of Z-Health training. I would like to learn more about it as well as kettlebell training. I want my wife to get invovled in kettlebell training and possibly Z-Health too. I will be home from working in Erbil, Iraq (Kurdistan) on 23 December 2012 for three weeks, and would like to visit your school and undergo an assessment, then take a few private kettlebell lessons with my wife that she can continue when I head back to Iraq, thanks!

  5. Rick/Luz Collazo

    Our son Christopher Collazo has been a student of Plus One and Sensei Golden student for about 5 years now. Chris was only 8 when he started attending plus one. I tell everyone that Plus One was the best decision we ever made for our son Christopher. It has helped him in all aspects of his life and Sensei Golden has been an incredible teacher and role model for Chris.

    Yesterday, when Chris got home from school he told us he hurt his foot break dancing at school (in the five years at plus one Chris has never been hurt sparring or training but gets hurt at school break dancing- go figure) . Chris said he stepped the wrong way and felt that something shifted in his foot and could not walk on that foot and his foot was swollen. Our first reaction was to bring him to see Sensei Golden and depending on what Sensei Golden would tell us. THEN and only then would we consider bringing him to the doctor. Sensei Golden is amazing with what he does (Z-Health). We watched as Sensei Golden did a number of exercises with Chris and techniques and honest to god by the time we were leaving to go home Chris would be walking on his foot and even attempting to do some shadow boxing. We were even able to see the swelling on his foot going down thru each exercise he did with Chris on his foot. I have seen Sensei Golden do similar things in the past with Chris on his shoulder and elbow after competition and my husband and I are always just impressed and amazed at Sensei’s ability to pinpoint and then correct what the issue is. Chris is my only son as you can imagine I am overprotective (I can admit this ) but will leave Chris and any issue Chris is having in Sensei’s hands with all the confidence in the world in Sensei Golden. He gave Chris a series of exercises to do at home that night. This morning Chris was walking just fine on his foot and was on his way to school. If I had taken Chris to his doctor they would have charged me an arm and a leg and not done any of what Sensei did to Chris foot and not had the same results of Chris being able to walk on his foot and eliminate the pain. Thank you Sensei Golden for all that you do and continue to do for us daily.

  6. From January 25, 2012:

    Hi Mike,

    I want to let you know that you’ve been a significant influence in my son’s life. You are an incredible role model for Reid, not only as a passionate martial arts instructor, but as a human being with high moral character. You consistently show him how to be a man through your humor, integrity and respect for all. You offer him opportunities to use his leadership qualities and he engages fully; you treat him with respect and he steps up to your expectations; you provide clear guidelines and consistent, calm attention……these are all signs of a great teacher and man! Each time Reid leaves your class, he’s standing a little taller, with shoulders squarer and head held higher. From my point of view, it’s as if he sees himself as you see him – a courageous person who is willing to take risks, be a leader and work hard to meet goals. It seems to me that as an adult, Reid will reflect on his time with you and recognize that you were one of those exceptional individuals who made an immense impact in his world. Words don’t adequately express what a tremendous difference your presence is making in Reid’s life.



    From November 10, 2011:

    Mike’s got a sharp, quick intellect and is a great teacher who Riyaz looks up to very much. (Riyaz wants to be a martial arts teacher in the future). I couldn’t ask for a better role model for my kid.

    All I can say is a huge thank you to Mike for being in my kid’s life.


  7. Fonda Gravino, M.D.

    Michael Golden is not only an excellent martial artist and teacher, but a compassionate and gifted healer.

    I have been a student at the dojo for a little over a year now where Mike teaches me Muay Thai and works with me in Z-health/training sessions. I began individual training sessions with Mike to increase my strength and energy. As a family physician, I am interested in preventive health and improved quality of life.

    Mike appreciates the complex interconnection of the body’s neurologic and musculoskeletal systems as well as the way trauma, stress and old habits relate to the functioning of these systems. The most impressive results of Mike’s work relates to his management of acute and chronic pain as described in previous testimonials. However, Mike is capable of impacting health well beyond pain issues. Mike believes in enhancing fitness in a more comprehensive way. Mike’s view of health and wellness is holistic, yet he approaches each person individually and creatively. Mike believes in empowering people to care for themselves through body-awareness, stress-reduction techniques and exercise/strengthening/agility routines. He challenges you to develop your best self while having fun.

    Mike is the type of allied health professional every physician wishes they knew. I refer my patients with neuromusculoskeletal conditions to him. Consider working with Mike if you have an acute or chronic injury, want to improve your athleticism or optimize your martial art, or simply want to improve your fitness and health.

  8. Dear Mike,

    Once I started in your joint mobility sessions I saw instant results. As a former collegiate athlete and current powerlifter my joints definitely have taken a beating of the years but the Z-Health sessions helped me conquer the daily aches and pains that come with the great amount of stress I put my body and joints through. The swelling in my joints has gone down and pain has more or less vanished, and the only common denominator were your Z-Health classes. I would definitely like to get into another session in order to refine a couple things but, all in all I couldn’t have asked for a better method to helping relieve my chronic aches and pains. I feel the difference when I’m walking around normally, running, lfting and of course practicing martial arts. Thank you for everything Mike, I greatly appreciate it.

  9. From Mari A:

    My first session with Mike was fascinating. In just an hour, he taught me some important things about how the nervous system holds tension, and how patterns of tension affect pain, physical functioning, and mental clarity. It’s amazing how interconnected everything in the body is.

    Mike taught me some simple movements that can retrain my nervous system to let go of held stress, so that my body and brain can function more optimally. I feel like the Z-Health exercises he taught me help you peel away layers of challenge in your system so you can become the best version of who you are inside.

    I left my first Z-Health session feeling clear-headed, happy, freer in my body, and much relieved of my chronic shoulder pain. I am looking forward to exploring Z-Health more deeply over time, and seeing how far it can take me.

    Thanks so much, Mike!

  10. I went to do some kettlebell training with Mike Golden and ended up having an amazing education in the process. Mike tested my range of motion, strength, and mobility, and I was stunned at how limited it was. My muscles weren’t working properly and as a result, they were weak. For example, when Mike asked me to lift my arm as he pushed against it, my muscled failed and I was unable to put up a fight. Mike had me perform some very simple exercises that corrected all of these things. The results were immediate. My range of motion and flexibility increased beyond belief, and when we repeated the strength tests, I was blown away at the increase in muscle strength. Mike could no longer win our pushing contests. When we moved on to the kettlebells, mike showed me how if I exercise using poor posture, or in any way that my brain felt unsafe, my body would shut down again, and fail to perform at it’s best. This was proven to me by going back to our push/pull exercise and mobility test. I look forward to applying the things I learned with Mike, not just when working out, but in my daily activities as well. Thanks Mike!!

  11. From Stacie B:

    “Thanks so much […] I really appreciate everything. After 10 years of pain and 3 1/2 years of doctors, you were the first one who understood what I was saying and really helped.”

  12. From Keith G:

    I just skimmed everything you sent and am grateful/humbled/impressed. I’m glad that you chose the Z-Health practice as one of your paths. You listen actively, are engaging, and reassuring, which, sadly, is more than I can say for many doctors I’ve been to. And even unlike chiropractors, the method you use actually TEACHES the complexity and the many intricacies of the human body and how to proactively keep it ALL in balance, case by case. So I hope you also consider your practice to be part of a solution to a really serious systemic problem that is modern medicine. Keep up the good work. And thanks again.

  13. During a Muay Thai class I told Mike that I was having trouble doing a switch kick. I told him my hip hurts when I do the switch kick. He said come here and then he made me do like two Z-Health techniques. After the Z-Health techniques I had no problem doing switch kicks. And then by the end of the class I was able to kick a 6 foot 3 guy. It took like 1 minute and the pain was gone.

    I would totally recommend Mike to any one. Give it a shot it really works. Its even better then what the doctors do. I would choose Z-Health because its easier and much faster microseconds.

  14. John Deliberto

    I have just recently taken a one hour session with Mike focusing on re-developing my MCL which I had sprained a few months ago. In one hour, Mike was not only able to get my knee feeling much better, but he also helped to strengthen other muscle groups that weren’t working properly.

    The one hour session was very comprehensive and customized to how my body is currently functioning as well as past injuries and issues. After the session, he emailed me a list of all the exercises we went through, as well as some recommended footwear.

    I would absolutely recommend seeing Mike for an evaluation even if you don’t have any current pain, I’m sure he will find something that is not working as it should, and he will fix it right away!

  15. In an e-mail on March 17th, 2011, Vinnie writes, “…I have been to about 10 schools over the years and I have to say Mike is the best teacher I have ever had . I really do appreciate his patience…”

  16. I met Mike almost 4 years ago when I started coming to Plus One for martial arts classes. I have seen and heard many positive reactions from those who have utilized the Z-Health program with Mike. Knowing Mike as an awesome instructor, I was sure he must be a skilled practitioner and have been curious about what Z-Health could do for me. Today I experienced the immediate and impressive effects of this work for myself!

    About a week ago I strained the muscles in and around my right arm, pec, and rotator cuff practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. At the time I just shook it off, but over the past week I’ve experienced significant limitation in the range of motion of my arm, accompanied by pain both at rest and during movement. I’ve done stretches and let my arm rest, but am still experiencing pain with flexion and abduction. I mentioned to Mike the trouble I was having and literally 5 minutes later I was going through full range of motion with my arm with ease and felt no tightness and no pain! A few very simple exercises with my left leg, believe it or not, and voila… An instant difference and a notable one at that!

    Mike did a short assessment, gave me the couple of movements to make with my leg, and when we saw results he even showed me how to assess myself and to continue performing the exercises at home on my own. The few minutes we spent working on this one sore spot of mine really, really made a difference. The technique is so simple, and the results were mind-boggling! Mike is obviously very knowledgeable in the application of the Z-Health method and I can only imagine the benefits of participating in his program more fully to improve overall strength, flexibility, and relieve pain.

    I absolutely recommend seeing Mike for a Z-Health assessment and what it can do for you, it’s no exaggeration that the results are amazing!

  17. Friday Jan 21, I arrived at the Dojo for my daughter’s class, I was barely able to function due to a severe migraine and nausea, I have had experience in the past with Mike helping me with joint pain and after experiencing extremely fast and permenent results I was praying he would be able to help me out tonight. Mike was more than willing to work with me and after a few short minutes and instructions from mike I was on my way, when I arrived home I was feeling better and about one hour later my migraine and nausea were completely gone.
    Mike I am grateful to you for your knowledge and kindness, I will continue to be part of the Team Plus One Family for many years to come.
    Thank you,

  18. From a June 1 e-mail regarding the mobility class:

    Jen and I have both benefited mightily from this class. Your presentation style is excellent. You are quietly confident and a great teacher. For two middle-aged athletic persons…..our behavior patterns run deep. Yet, we’ve been able to make some adjustments and changes short term that have increased range of motion and performance markedly. This improves our quality of life and general good health. Thanks for your efforts.

  19. After sustaining a neck injury while training I was unable to turn my head without severe strain on my neck. I asked Mike if he could help me with some of his Z-Health techniques. With no more than five minutes of Mikes help I was able to turn my head completely to the side with no strain at all. He showed me a few things to do on my own to treat the injury on my own and within one day the pain was gone.

    On a separate occasion I hurt my back and went for almost a week without treating it. I rested for a few days with no training hoping it would get better. The day I went back to training I hurt it again and decided I would ask Mike for some more help. Sure enough Mike was able to help me restore full motion in my arms and neck which were very limited due to the injury. He found where the problem was and fixed it. On Wednesday morning I was unable to roll because of the pain that came from my back. After Mike helped me I was back at it again Friday morning with no problems at all. The hands on help as well as the at home techniques Mike showed me helped a great deal and i’m sure i wouldnt be feeling so great if it wasn’t for Mike and Z-Health. For those who are skeptical I say give it a shot, it really does work.

    Thanks Mike!

  20. I have had Chronic pain in my knees and shoulders for years due to heavy lifting and athletics. I addressed Mike with these concerns he recommended that I do a private session with him, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. In 45 minutes not only did my pain disappear, but my flexibility increased dramatically and my muscles were working in ways I never knew they could. Mike addressed strengths and weaknesses in my body and gave me simple drills to improve on what was lacking. In the weeks since the session, while doing the drills daily, I have had much less pain and my overall performance in athletics and martial arts has increased. I am also attracting hordes of beautiful women. Z-health is amazing!

  21. I originally started taking this class just to see what it was all about and if it really worked. To be honest in the beginning I was pretty skeptical and didn’t really believe that it would really make much of a difference, but I had to try it to find out. Just from the very first session the I missed and Mike took the time to catch me up on turned my thought around entirely. I had been suffering from lower back pains for a few weeks from constantly doing BJJ and after unlocking a few joints in my foot the pain instantly went away. Not to mention that my flexibility has increased dramatically. Anyone who has thought about taking this class or wanted to be more flexible, relieve pain, or be faster or stronger in microseconds should absolutely sign up for this class immediately it really makes that much of a difference. I would recommend it for everyone.

  22. While taking a rigorous Karate/Ku Fu class the arch of my right foot started cramping so bad that a string of pain began sturging up through the side of my leg. Out of all days of course, not only does the instructor have me in the front of the class, but he has me just sitting in a low horse stance which felt like forever. When the instructor wasn’t looking I’d straighten up in an attempting to rid myself of the cramp that felt more like a massive Charlie Horse in foot. It was as if my foot was giving birth. Finally when the class was asked to sit down, I was able to get Mike’s attention hoping he could work his magic that I’ve heard so much about. Thinking he would give me some foot stretch or something, he instead told me to move my hand in an exaggrated hulu wave. For a split second I thought he was coo coo, after all I did say “My FOOT”, not hand. But sure as I started the pain subsided and quickly faded. I’ve since have learned other intensely helpful technics while taking his mobility class.

  23. This is actually a testimonial for me. I’m going to put down two of them. In 2008, I hurt my ankle very badly in a Brazilian Jiujitsu competition. (I didn’t tap on a foot lock, and my ankle made a loud pop and ensued to swell badly.) Yes, I have since learned to tap. In my recovery, I would note that Mike Golden helped me get my ankle back to 100% from a rather serious injury.

    Today, I was complaining to Mike about another Brazilian Jiujitsu injury. It would also be noted that Mike is partially responsible for this injury, as he did a sweep on me two weeks ago and I had my head in the wrong place when he did it. As a result, I heard more popping in my neck than I have heard at times when I microwave popcorn. (That’s an exaggeration, but you get my point.)

    I asked Mike to help me today and he provided me with some brief mobility work to do. After about two minutes the mobility in my neck increased back to 100%. It took Mike about two minutes to fix me. (Although, it did only take Mike a few seconds to sweep me and hurt me, I’m still very impressed. I was actually impressed with the sweep, too, but I’ll save that for a different blog.)

  24. T. Harper was having problems with his knee popping out of alignment. The following is a quote from him after completing ONE mobility drill: “Hey, it doesn’t do it anymore!”

  25. I met Mike over two years ago when I participated in Muay Thai classes in association with the Connecticut Crush Women’s Football team. Although the desired long term relationship with the football team did not come to be, I chose to become a part of the Plus One family. I also chose to change my discipline to the study of Sho Biyn Jiu. Over the course of the next couple of years, as I progressed through my belts, I realized that old nagging injuries and other medical conditions were restricting me from getting the full benefit of martial arts training. So much so that I felt the need to step back breifly to re-assess my goals. I came upon the testimonials regarding Mike’s Z-Health and was intrigued by what I read. After a brief dicussion with MIke, I made an appointment to have a full assessment done after Kung Fu class this morning. I went into the appointment with an open mind but also thinking (mostly from past experiences) that this was only going to lead to pinpointing areas of trouble that would require tedious exercises to strengthen and improve those targeted areas. However, unlike physical therapy, after Mike had finished his thorough assessment of my physical condition he showed me a few very simple stretches/exercises that showed immediate results. WOW. I am so intrigued by these results I intend to explore the depths of this program and see where it leads. I told Mike as I was leaving the Do-Jo today, “very few things have the power to blow my mind, what you just did in there blew my mind”. I would recommend this program to anyone.

  26. I met Mike over a year ago and began training in muay thai with him. previous to training with mike i had just finished playing college football about a year ago and had A LOT of problems with my body from all the punishment i had put it through. Mike introduced me to his Z-health techniques which have completely changed the way i train/ fight and exercise. i am a personal trainer so i am still using my body non-stop everyday. i came into training with mike having had extremely limited range of motion and strength with my left leg and lower back due to a herniated disk that occurred during my last 2 years of football. i had visited with many doctors who could point out my weaknesses and irregularities with my back but none that had given me exercises to help out with how weak and inflexible i had become due to the disk and nerve damage. not only did mike’s techniques change the way i trained, but changed the way i live. for the first time in 2 years of having doctors test me out, did i finally have CORRECTED what was wrong, not just pointed out. it was amazing how much more strength, flexibility, and speed i gained within minutes (even seconds) of mike’s z-health techniques being applied to my body. i have also had foot pain relieved by mike’s teachings, and most recently shoulder pain. i had two muay thai fights in august under the coaching/ instruction of mike. before the second one i developed some sharp pain in my shoulder that i couldn’t seem to get rid of. up until about a week ago (now october) it was still really bothering me. we worked week to week trying to discover how to get rid of it and keep my shoulder from weakening. last Wednesday we tried out 3 new techniques that have Immediately tested well with my shoulder. they stopped the pain, regained my strength, and extremely changed my flexibility within the joint! my muay thai training and weight lifting have gone back to normal with full range of motion and increased strength! mike’s training and knowledge is class A and he has been a huge help to my athletic lifestyle. thank you thank you thank you

  27. Mike promised that Z-Health exercises would get me out of orthotics. I didn’t believe him. However, the exercises worked so well at making my punches harder, that I kept to his program. In August, I went to Europe for three weeks without my orthotics and hiked without any pain. The great thing about the program is that you feel immediate results even though the exercises seem so easy.

  28. **The following was sent in a “thank you” card on 06-18-2009.**

    Dear Mike,

    I can honestly say when Dan and I joined Plus one we didn’t think we’d be getting more than a few defense classes and shed a few pounds. Instead, we have been given so much more by you. You have physically cured what the best chiropractic and podiatry doctors in Connecticut could not. You gave Dan his range of motion. He can touch the floor while standing which was not possible and he has regained motion in his neck. For me you did what two surgeries, removing the ball of my foot, mri, x-ray, and further medical treatment couldn’t do. I can run. I can climb stairs. I can do push-ups and wear high heels with little to no pain for the first time in 10 years! That is like giving me the world. There is no price for that. Just saying thank you doesn’t feel like enough. What you have done is unbelievable, surreal, and life changing.

    Dan & Aviva

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