Real Muay Thai Classes in West Hartford, CT

Learning REAL Muay Thai in West Hartford, CT

Muay thai kickboxing is an ancient martial art which has resurfaced as a popular – and effective – means of self defense. Kickboxing is also an important (some might say indispensable) component of the MMA game. Muay Thai style kickboxing utilizes all of your body and includes use of your knees and elbows. As such, it’s an amazing workout! We have many students who come to us just for the fitness elements of Muay Thai. They just get the added benefit of learning REAL Muay Thai style kickboxing. It’s exercise with a purpose. They love that!

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How is Muay Thai different from Kickboxing?

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is a sport and martial art that originated in Thailand. Our West Hartford Academy teaches an adapted form of Muay Thai. We teach from the Muay Thai origin rather than run watered down “kickboxing fitness classes” because our method accomplishes both goals: fitness and a method of self defense


Women love kickboxing for many reasons. We have many female kickboxing students at our school who are taking and absolutely love our Muay Thai kickboxing because it’s real kickboxing! It gives you an intense cardio workout and helps to burn fat while you learn real techniques for self defense and competitive sport.

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We offer free introductory classes in all martial art styles that we teach. Why? Because we want you to have an opportunity to “try before you buy,” and also to be able to find the right fit in terms of style and class environment. Our Muay Thai instructors and staff are committed to your positive experience. That is why we are the top-rated martial arts school in the West Hartford area. We look forward to training with you!