Martial Arts Classes Build Character in Kids

Martial arts classes have many benefits for children. Martial arts offer kids an outlet for their seemingly boundless energy. At Plus One Defense Systems, as we work through stretching, strikes, blocks, and forms, we also teach important life skills. In fact, our curriculum which includes structured character building was developed by a child psychologist. We believe that good character and knowledge of the martial arts must be practiced together. This ensures that our environment is safe and that the kids learn how and when to use these tools of self defense.

Warming Up & Getting Focused

Our martial arts classes for children start with warm-ups and stretching. Every child is different in terms of energy level, temperament, and focus. The warm-up and stretching routine gives each student time to turn their focus to themselves and their class. Our excellent team of instructors provide interactive instruction and encouragement throughout class to help each child achieve their personal best.

Techniques & Ethical Conduct

Next, we work through techniques. This may involve strikes and blocks, grappling, and forms. As we teach the method, we are also introducing students to scenarios so they become more aware of their surroundings and learn right from wrong. This is a highly interactive process. We ask them, “what should you do if ..?” and through this process each child develops a healthy code of ethics that they, themselves are creating. They are also building critical thinking skills that can help them evaluate situations and take the safest action.


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Sparring & Responsibility

Some classes for children may involve light sparring (with protective gear and attentive instructor supervision, of course). This has special significance. Externally, it gives the children an opportunity to find the practical application of striking and blocking techniques. Internally, they learn to exercise caution, to work like a team with their sparring partner, and to find balance in many ways. Sparring is a privilege which comes with great responsibility. And believe it or not, kids get this concept very well. They learn that sparring is team building as much as it is fun and a place to implement their skills.

End of Class & Character Development

At the end of class, we frequently huddle or sit down to discuss the the class, what everyone learned, and talk about a concept of character development using real world scenarios. This is an interactive time for the children to participate. They can ask questions and explain how they are improving themselves by showing respect, getting along with family, achieving in school, and so on. Each belt level has a special focus of character development. Throughout their classes at our West Hartford Martial Arts academy, they will be adding to their vocabulary and learning concepts of respect, integrity, honesty, teamwork, safety, responsibility, and more.


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