Student of the Month

Our Student of the Month for¬†September is a three way tie between Olivia, Robbie, and Sophia Giuffria- listed in alphabetical order. ūüôā ¬†¬†Olivia and Robbie have been training for four years; Sophia has been training for seven years.¬† While they are siblings, and they train in many classes together, they began their martial arts training for different reasons. ¬†giuffria2Olivia (who is 10 years old) saw her older sister, Sophia, (who is 12 years old) participating in the classes.¬† Olivia thought it would be fun, so she tried it and has been training ever since.¬† Sophia said she started training due to an interest in learning self-defense and a desire to compete.¬† (By the way, Sophia has been very successful in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions.)¬† Robbie, who is 9 years old, started training because, like Olivia, he thought it would be a fun hobby.

When asked what their favorite thing was about practicing the martial arts, Sophie replied that she enjoyed doing the many different styles that we teach.  Robbie likes making new friends, and Olivia likes the martial arts related games that students get to play in class.

Outside of the dojo, Robbie enjoys riding his BMX bicycle.  Olivia likes playing tennis and snow skiing, and Sophia enjoys playing softball, tennis, and waterskiing.

In regards to how the martial arts have helped them in their lives, Sophie says that the training helps her become a better person and do better with other sports, too.  Olivia expressed that she learns discipline and character from the martial arts, and she noted that this helps her do better with her schoolwork.  Robbie says that the training teaches him how to defend himself, and the homework helps  him build character.

We are very thankful to have the Giuffrias training with us.  Olivia, Robbie, and Sophia are wonderful people, and they are great students!  Keep up the awesome work- both in and outside of the dojo!

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