Do You REALLY Need A Pistol Permit?

In Connecticut, if you desire to have the option to legally purchase and own a firearm, you have to take a mandatory course.  With violent crime on the rise, more and more people are realizing that when it comes to safety- your safety is your responsibility.

But, if something happens, I’ll just call the police.

Did you know that the police do not have a legal mandate to come to your aid in a life threatening situation?  Let me say that again, if you are in a life threatening situation, I encourage you to realize that the police may help you, but they are not mandated to put their safety at risk to help you.  (Do they have a moral obligation, absolutely.  Do they have a Constitutional / legal obligation… NO.  They do not.  That may take a number of people by surprise, and you can look into the case law for yourself, if you would like to.  (Some cases of interest are: Warren v. District of Columbia, DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services, and Castle Rock v. Gonzales.)  

I’m a former police officer, and I always “ran in” to dangerous situations when civilians were “running out.”  I did so out of a moral obligation, but I am letting you know… times have changed.  (The recent Uvalde, Texas shooting is an example of that.  The police were waiting, in the hallway, for about an hour… when shots were being fired and kids were being killed.)

Make no mistake, I’m 100% on the side of calling 911 when you are in danger, I’m just reminding you, that ​your​ safety is ​your​ responsibility.  Even if you do get a response where the officer(s) are willing to engage, there’s the matter of response time.  “When seconds count, help will be there in minutes” … that’s the expression, and it’s worth remembering.

I’ve been teaching our self-defense classes long enough now to where we’ve had many people defend themselves.  Of those numerous stories, we’ve had TWO people become the victims of home invasions.  Both were able to fend off the intruders, and both were able to do so in the safest way possible.

Having the ability to defend yourself is something I recommend to everybody.  If you have a pistol permit, you have the ability to buy a firearm.  (You don’t ever have to do so, but you cannot do so… if you don’t have the permit.)  So, if you want to be able to make decisions surrounding your safety, yourself, and you don’t have a pistol permit, I highly recommend you give some thought to going through the process and getting one.  (Overall, the process is going to take about three months, and it all starts with a one day class.  We teach the class, and we teach it in a very healthy and fun way, and you get to sample a number of different firearms.  Even if you hate guns, I recommend you take our class.  You will learn about what you hate in a healthy atmosphere, and you will walk away with more knowledge.)

Because we teach the class differently than most places who offer it, our classes usually fill very fast.  I keep them small… only 10 spots.  Our next class takes place right here in West Hartford on October 22nd.  

If you would like to learn more, about the class, you can click here​ or visit:​

Sticks and Knives

These are the primary tools of the Filipino martial arts- open hands, sticks, and knives.  The styles of Silat, Escrima, and Arnis are often grouped together in terminology as the primary Indonesian martial arts that focus on working with bladed weapons and sticks. Broadly recognized as “Silat,” the system’s focus is on practical self-defense with the tools that are readily available.  One of the nice things about Silat training is that it’s easier to practice for folks who have injuries or medical problems.  It’s also a system that works well for folks who, like me, are gravitationally challenged (i.e. short in stature).  Training with escrima sticks is a lot of fun.  There’s a lot you can do with the sticks, and sticks are pretty much everywhere. So, they are definitely a weapon of opportunity, should you need to defend yourself.  

The complex movements of escrima training are broken into carefully learned segments in our classes.  You learn the motions, the strikes, and the blocks, ​in a systematic way.  You also learn how to use two sticks at once.

The same goes for the blade work involved.  We obviously use “trainers” which are blunt and not able to cut.  These blunt blades come in all shapes and sizes, from pocket knives, to machetes.

Silat training is incredibly fun, and we do it indoors and outside.  You must be at least 16 years of age, and we like to pre-qualify our students, based on the topic matter, so you do need to be “approved” for continued training in the our silat classes.

If you are interested in trying a Silat class for free, or learning more about this fun Filipino martial art, you can do so by visiting our website at:

Chocolate Mint Protein Shake

Here’s a tasty way to get your protein, and the only weapon you will need is… a spoon. Blend up one of these Chocolate Mint Protein Shakes whenever you have the urge to eat a bowl of ice cream. It’s just as sweet and delicious, while being filled with the protein that your muscles need.

Courtesy of

What you need
Servings: 1

1 cup ice
1/2 frozen banana
1 Tablespoon chopped dark chocolate
1 cup water
1 scoop high quality chocolate protein powder
a few drops of organic peppermint flavoring (find next to vanilla extract at the store)
fresh mint leaves to garnish (optional)


1. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender. Mix until smooth. Enjoy!

One serving equals: 198 calories, 6g fat, 80mg sodium, 13g carbohydrate, 3g fiber, and 20g protein