Move-A-Day BJJ: A Daily Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Desktop Reference

If BJJ is a meal, and classroom instruction is your main course, this book is a multivitamin. A new technique or drill is covered for each day of the year. That’s 365 straight days of material! The book is available for $19.95 in hardcover format. Call 860-922-5343 to order.

Some days cover positions; other days cover transitions between positions, and some days cover submissions. The literature follows a structured process, covering stretches and fundamentals to start. “Helpful Hints” and “Tactical Tips” are provided to help you along the way. By the time the reader reaches the final page, he or she will be well into some advanced techniques and will have a greater understanding of the primary elements in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: positions, transitions, and submissions.

If you would like to see some excerpts from the book, feel fre to visit  (The publication is also available for purchase as an e-book for $9.99.)  Call 860-922-5343 for further information or to purchase.