Learn Kali and Silat in West Hartford, CT

Learning Self Defense and Silat in West Hartford, CT

Kali is the national sport and martial art of the Philippines that we offer at Plus One Defense Systems in West Hartford, CT. Silat is a term meaning the application of body movement training or “fight.” You may have also heard of related terms such as Arnis, Pentjak, Escrima, or others. All are correct and contribute to the vocabulary for this Filipino self defense system which employs effective empty hand self defense as well as the use of weaponry such as sticks, knives, and swords.

What do I really learn when I take Silat?

Training involves learning strategic self defense, exercise, stretching for flexibility, and weapon use. Self defense is practiced individually and with partners in non-aggressive sparring. As the practitioner gains experience using empty hands and weapons in sparring, the “realness” escalates and sparring begins to look like actual matches. Our goal is to pass on this effective self defense martial art form in a healthy and safe environment.

Can Silat be combined with other martial arts?

Most definitely! In fact, we recommend learning Kali and Silat in unison with another art form such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Kickboxing. We believe in learning foundational skills and the traditional roots of any martial art while allowing them to be combined with other arts to create a well-rounded system and practitioner.

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