Have You Ever Tried Capoeira?

Capoeira is an African-Brazilian based martial arts system that combines elements of martial arts, gymnastics, and dance to create a beautiful system of study.  It’s rich with history and provides a fantastic workout.  If you haven’t ever tried it, you may want to come see what it’s like.


4 responses to “Have You Ever Tried Capoeira?”

  1. Capoeira isn’t an aerobics program. There’s no certification for it. You can make up any capoeira aerobics program you’d like, but you probably shouldn’t call it “capoeira”. Just call it “cardio kick boxing”

  2. Sensei Reisler

    It’s a good thing for you (and for us) that you are planning on staying. It’s a great blessing to have you with us. I think you’ll find that diversifying your training is not only helpful as far as your skills are concerned, but it’s also entirely helpful from a mental standpoint. It helps keep things fresh and fun, and that’s very important. Capoeira is a blast, and it’s a really great workout.

  3. Charles Botts

    So Sensei when we were talking about why I stop BJJ for a while, with time committment, the need to focus on a particular style, etc… Capoeira is one of the styles I wanted to try out immeadiately when I joined the school, it is something I am definately going to make the effort to get into, I guess it is a good thing I don’t plan on leaving PlusOne any time soon.

  4. Anthony Oretade

    I would like to come in and try your capoeira program.

    I have rudementary skills in the art and would like to formalize my training. I am a personal trainer at New York Sports Club in West harford and would like to start an aerobics class in the art as well. Do I need official certification to do so, and if so how should I go about getting it ? Please contact me as soon as possible via my email. Thank you and be blessed.