Plus One Defense Systems has students who compete in many different disciplines.  Our Congratulations go out to everyone who has participated in competition.  This blog contains photos and results for some of those Plus One students who have done so.    I apologize for not having earlier competition results on this page… or up-to-date results for our students who have been participating in competition.  We have well over one hundred trophies, medals, plaques, and the like on display at the school, and we’re very proud of all our students, not just those who have participated in competition.  There is no pressure to compete; we’re just glad those who enjoy participating allow us to display some of their trophies at the dojo.  Anyhow, I’m setting this up today to document some results.  Feel free to add your own posts and results for past or future competition results.

Plus One students bring home the swords at the North American Grappling Association’s (NAGA) tournament in Rhode Island on June 27th, 2009.This was a Brazilian Jiujitsu and submission grappling tournament.  First place winners received samurai swords, and our very own Chris Collazo, Brandy Maulucci, Austin Malik, and David Busel took some home!  Demond Wilson also took home a bronze in his division.  Our students competed with integrity and did an awesome job.  Keep up the great work!

February 6th NAGA… Chris Collazo won 1st place in GI and 2nd in NO-GI (10-14 yoa division… he’s only eleven years old).  Pictures below are of Chris… compliments of his mom.  Thanks, Luz! 



Demond Wilson took 2nd place in his division, Chris Mersheimer took 2nd place, and Brandon Buonanducci took 3rd place.  Jessica Pacheco and Scott Cohen also participated in the competition.

4 thoughts on “Congratulations!”

  1. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for asking about our Kung Fu program. As far as Wu Dang… we do Wu Dang Tai Chi, but our Kung Fu is Northern Style… specifically with a focus on praying mantis… (Jut Sow Tang Lang).

  2. it said on the website that your dojo teaches kung fu, but what type of kung fu? i was hoping for wu dang kung fu , or wing chun kung fu. if you are teaching wushu is it southern style or nothern style?

  3. July 24th- Grapplers Quest Tournament in Hartford, CT… the following students from Plus One Defense Systems placed in their respective divisions…
    Nate Kenyon- 1st place gi (and championship belt)
    Frank Jackson- 1st place no-gi
    Etneciv Rosado- 2nd place gi
    Joe Colello- 3rd place no-gi
    Alex Rodriguez- 1st place gi and 2nd place no-gi
    William Sandoval- 2nd place no gi and 3rd place gi.
    Travis Johnson- 1st place- point sparring

    If I missed anybody… please let me know!

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