Student of the Month

Our student of the month for June is Mike Lefurge.  Mike is a Capoeira student with us.  After about  a year and a half of training in Capoeira, Mike is getting ready to test for his green cord (on June 7th).Mike originally started training in Capoeira to learn self-defense, increase his flexibility, and obtain a greater self-confidence.  He also wanted to try something he had never done before that would be challenging.  When asked about what his favorite part of the training was, Mike noted that he likes the holistic approach that Capoeira provides.  It offers self-defense training, an aerobic workout, and it helps you achieve greater flexibility.  Mike says he definitely feels more confident now, after his continued training in Capoeira.  He also says that he feels less “aches and pains” since he started his training.  Specifically, he has a lot less back pain now.

I asked Mike what he does outside of the martial arts school for fun, and he said that he enjoys spending time with his family.  (He has two kids- a five year old boy and a two year old girl.)  Mike also enjoys playing golf.

Last, I asked Mike to compare his training in Capoeira to activities like going to the gym.  He expressed that the reason he trains in Capoeira, instead of going to the gym, is because his training here “doesn’t feel like a grind.”  It’s fun.  It’s practical to learn.

We are very glad that Mike is with us, and it’s exciting to see him prepare for his first level (cordao verde- green belt).  Keep up the good work!