Student of the Month

Our Student of the Month for July is Andrew Poltorak. He was chosen as our Student of the Month because of his willingness to help whenever his fellow students are in need.

Andrew(Recently, a fellow member of the school, whom Andrew had never met, needed a ride to the firearms class. Without hesitation, Andrew offered to give him a ride. That attitude threw him over the top to be nominated for this month’s award.)

Andrew started training with us in 2012. He originally started training in the martial arts when he was a kid. He practiced Tae Kwon Do for a number of years, and he never lost the desire to learn. As an adult, he found himself coming back to the arts when he was going through a difficult transition, and he found that his martial arts training was a nice escape. (He was referred to Plus One by a fellow co-worker at Whole Foods, Holden Muganda. Holden, if you’re reading this… thanks for the referral!)

Andrew says his favorite thing about the martial arts is the brotherhood. He says the connections he has made are like family. He also says that the martial arts help to give self-confidence, and that the arts help to build you as a person. The training transfers to every aspect of your life.

When not at the dojo, Andrew enjoys mountain biking, listening to music, and rock climbing. He also plays the guitar and the drums. He says he’s always up for a challenge, and he also works out in his off-time. This interview was actually conducted when Andrew had come in to use the fitness center and lift some weights. (I interrupted him, which I have a habit of doing for these.) :^)

Compared to other sports, Andrew says that the martial arts strengthen more than just your body; they help to mold you as a person, helping to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. He also says that the exercise involved in the martial arts is more extreme and intense than with other sports. It’s not only a team sport, but also an individual sport, and it’s more than that, he says, “It’s an individual journey.”

Andrew is a very peaceful person, and he gives off a peaceful vibe. He enjoys helping others, and he’s been working toward becoming a police officer. As a former police officer, Andrew, I think you are going to make a great one. Keep up the great work; it’s an honor to have you with us!