Student of the Month

Our Student of the Month for May is… Demond! He started training in the martial arts when he was in the military, and after he completed his service, he wanted to continue his training. (He was in the Army for five years.) Demond4

Demond has been training at Plus One for eight years now. He appreciates the beauty of the martial arts, and he says that the training gives him confidence in the ability to defend himself. He says that the martial arts training helps him to better understand himself. He also expressed that his training helps him professionally and personally by heightening his ability to interact with others.

When outside of the dojo, Demond enjoys working out and shooting. He likes to target shoot both pistols and rifles.

When asked about how the martial arts compare to other athletic activities, he said that the martial arts are more useful for everyday life. (I agree. The arts not only help to improve your well being, but they help you to better relate and understand the world around you in a very unique way.)

Demond was chosen as our Student of the Month because of his overall mentality. He is a very humble man. With eight years of training under his belt, he is a well established martial artist. With that, he comes to class with a learning mentality, and he’s always looking to help others. Additionally, he’s just a pleasure to work with and has zero ego. He always has a smile, and he has a great understanding of the “journey” that is the learning process within the martial arts. It’s an absolute honor to have Demond with us, and I look forward to sharing many more years on the mat with him.

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