Student of the Month

Our Student of the Month for August is… Alexis Harris.  While Alexis did train in Karate a little bit when she was a young child, she didn’t really get into the martial arts until recently. 

She is a sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and her college has an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) club.  Alexis joined the club, and she has been “kickin’ it” ever since.

While at Plus One, Alexis has continued her studies of the arts.  She participates with us in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA classes.  She was specifically chosen to be our Student of the Month because, she is here… A LOT.  She trains often; she is dedicated, and she is always smiling.

When asked about her training, Alexis expressed that she enjoys how the martial arts help her to become more coordinated.  She says that you can always channel your frustrations into your training, and she adds that martial arts training is a fun way to exercise.  She says her confidence level has gone way up since she began training, and her whole attitude has changed.  She is a lot more positive about things in life now, and she attributes her change in outlook, in large part, to her martial arts training.

In high school, Alexis expressed that she was never really athletic, and she never got into sports; however, she really appreciates the personal approach that is inherent within the martial arts, and that is what attracts her to the training (versus football, basketball, soccer… etc).  She says that it is of huge benefit to her to be able to attain personal gains, and she likes how the martial arts help her focus.  Alexis also expressed that her training in Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA offers a solid workout and gives her a workout with a focus on technique, in a group setting, where she is able to develop relationships with those with whom she is working.

Outside of the dojo, Alexis loves to draw.  (Subsequently, I am aware of the college that Alexis goes to… and it is one of the more prestigious art schools in the nation.)  After she graduates from college, Alexis hopes to work in the field of movie animation.  Her favorite movie is Toy Story, and she hopes to work for a small animation firm in the future.

Alexis is a very driven and kind person.  I’m sure she will go far!  Train hard, and we’ll see you on the mat!