Student of the Month

Our Student of the Month for February is Taylor Sharp!  Taylor has been training since 2007, and she is a dedicated martial artist. Taylor started training when she “was little.”  She expressed that her dad wanted her to be able to defend herself.

She said that she checked out a few places with her dad prior to choosing to train at Plus One, and the other places made her feel pressured.  She decided to train with us because of the comfortable feeling she had when she came in here.  (Side note- I’m sure glad Taylor and her dad felt that way, because they have both been wonderful additions to the school.  They are a big part of our family, and her dad- Tom Sharp- was even a prior Student of the Month with us.)

Taylor says that her favorite thing about the martial arts is that “it’s like a family.  You can train and work together.”  She says the martial arts have helped her to become a better person.  She respects people more as a result of her training.  She works hard each month on the character portion of her curriculum, and she noted that she really enjoyed working on empathy in January.  (Empathy was our word of the month.)  Taylor noted that she really likes practicing the character portion of the curriculum, and it helps her work at being a good person.

During her interview, Taylor also said that she really likes how she is able to do the martial arts with her dad.  She says it’s a good bonding experience.  I think she likes that she gets to throw punches and kicks at her dad.  Just kidding. 🙂  Taylor said she makes a lot of friends at the dojo, and she enjoys doing Kung-Fu, Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and being an active member of our tournament team.

Outside of the dojo, Taylor likes doing math, playing outside, and reading with her cat (Oreo).  She did say that Oreo is a bit overweight.  (I recommended a feline martial arts program.)

Taylor, it’s super fantastic to have you with us; you are doing a wonderful job!  Keep up the great work!