Student of the Month

Our Student of the Month for October is Nathan Hart.  Having been born in the Philippines, Nathan wanted to stay in touch with his heritage, and he chose to study Kali, a Philippine martial art.

Nathan has been at Plus One for five years.  He greatly enjoys the fluidity of Kali and how adaptive the art is.  Nathan takes his work in the martial arts very seriously, and he is one of the few people I have spoken with who realizes the great capacity for how the martial arts are relevant- beyond physical applications- and into everyday life.  Nathan takes a holistic viewpoint of the arts, and my interview with him was quite enjoyable!

Outside of the dojo, Mr. Hart enjoys reading, writing, playing his guitar, and singing.  He explained that martial arts training is his athletic activity, and he also expressed that it has helped put a lot of things into perspective for him and given him goals for which to strive.  Nathan additionally explained that, when training with weapons, you have to handle them in the proper context and with proper self control.

When asked how he would make the world a better place, if he could, Mr. Hart advised that he would try to get people to understand each other more, because a lot of the problems that people have with each other stem from misunderstandings.

Nathan is a very mature seventeen year old with a bright future ahead of him.  It is an absolute pleasure to have him with us at Plus One.  He exemplifies so many wonderful character attributes.  He is humble, kind, giving, helpful to others, respectful, reliable, dedicated, and he is a great martial artist.  Thank you, Nathan, for your continued work!  It is our honor to have you at Plus One.