Sijye Marissa Makes The Front Page!

marissaOur own Marissa Malik graced the front page of Farmington Life! Marissa is a great person, a solid student, and she’s won Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Karate tournaments.

We are very proud of all the students who train at Plus One.  It takes years of arduous study to become a black belt, and our test is one that is all encompassing.  Marissa exemplifies the character and skills necessary to be a black belt, and we are ecstatic that Farmington Life chose to do a story on her training, accomplishments, and how the martial arts are positively contributing to the betterment of her life.

The story makes for a great read.  Click the link below for a .pdf version of the article.


 Farmington High School Student Earns Her Black Belt

2 thoughts on “Sijye Marissa Makes The Front Page!”

  1. Great job Marissa – to you and all of the new black belts as well. I can only hope that my daughter follows your example of dedication and persistence.

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