Mixed Martial Arts: The Best Phone Protection Plan You Can Buy

Phones can go missing – it’s just a fact of life. But one way an experienced MMA fighter will likely never lose their phone is during a petty robbery. Polyana Viana, the Brazilian-born UFC fighter can attest to this.

In January this year, Viana was the victim of an alleged attempted robbery outside her home as she approached her Uber ride. We use “victim” loosely. Viana said: “… he said, ‘Give me the phone. Don’t try to react, because I’m armed.’ Then he put his hand over {a gun}, but I realized it was too soft.”

At this point, Viana took swift action to end the confrontation.

According to CNN Sports, Viana reported that she threw two punches and a kick. When the perpetrator fell, she used a rear-naked choke to subdue him and sit him down where the event began.

CNN Sports also reported that, “Viana said she felt ‘fine’ after the incident, suggesting the man seemed most affected by the ordeal. She later said the culprit was treated for his injuries before being taken to the police station, where she filed a report.”

Had Viana not trained in Mixed Martial Arts, she would probably not have come out of the situation as fortunately (and evidently unfettered) as she did. Yes, she took a risk – but her split-second risk assessment skills were on point. Any skill must be cultivated, and in self defense training, risk assessment one of the most important skills we exercise. And yes, this was allegedly over a phone, but there is no way of knowing how the event would develop after that. Polyana Viana’s self-preservation instincts and her calculated actions gave her the ability to turn the tables so she controlled the situation and escaped safely.


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We are thankful that Polyana Viana was able to use her martial arts and self defense to defend herself from theft and potential harm. Her story serves as a reminder that training in martial arts – even if only for sport and fitness – affords real-world self-defense skills and can be the deciding factor in ending a confrontation and maintaining control.

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