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Our student of the month for August is Jay Trudeau!  Jay studies Kung-Fu with us, and he originally started training when he was 12 years old.  He was getting bullied at school, so his parents took him to see a class at a nearby dojo.  Young Jay was immediately hooked, and his lifelong pursuit of the martial arts began. 

(He’s been training for over 20 years and is now a 3rd Degree Black Belt.)

Jay enjoys the martial arts for many reasons.  One of the primary reasons he likes the training is because of the focus it entails.  He says that, when he’s practicing his martial arts, none of the other problems he may be having in life are present.  While he is practicing, the problems are outside of his mind, and he can just focus on his practice- doing one thing, and doing it well.  He also says that the martial arts have added to his life by increasing his self-confidence.  They have helped him in “just about every way imaginable” – discipline, humility, patience, passion, honor, and more.  (When not at the dojo, Jay is usually spending time with his family, reading, or playing video games.  He is a self-proclaimed “nerd.”)

When asked about how other forms of exercise compare to the martial arts, Jay says that the other forms are just exercise, but martial arts are a way of life to him.  He doesn’t just practice martial arts.  He “is” a martial artist.  (Well said, Jay.)  He does also participate in other sports.  He recently completed a Tough Mudder (10 mile obstacle course), and he also runs and lifts weights.  Jay expressed that the discipline and perseverance taught with the martial arts are quite helpful.  He also noted that the balance, strength, endurance, coordination, fluidity of motion, and balance of mind and body carry over very well into other sports.  Lastly, he noted that he knows “no sport challenge is ever going to be as hard as a black belt test!”

Jay is a wonderful person, as well as being a great martial artist.  We are blessed to have him with us at Plus One!

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  1. I’m the dad that started Jay on his way. It was more than bullying, his mom and I wanted a physical outlet and spiritual discipline. I remember the introduction well. I played devil’s advocate, emphasizing how challenging this would be, to make it all the more appealing. I am immensely proud of everything he has accomplished, and all the great things martial arts have brough into his life. So much so that I began my own study of Tai Chi, and have followed in his footsteps. I am now a third degree black belt in That discipline. Working at catching up to my son’s skills.

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