Student of the Month

Our Student of the Month is Hyouk Kwon!  Hyouk came to us with a great deal of martial arts experience and a solid foundation.  He is the first Student of the Month to ever be chosen who Hyoukisn’t still an active member of the school.  (Hyouk just recently moved back to Korea.)

Hyouk was chosen as the Student of the Month because of the character he portrayed during the time that he was with us.  While he no longer trains here, I’m sure that he will continue his training in Korea, and being the Student of the Month is an honor that he has well earned.

Hyouk embodies all of the character traits that are found in the best martial artists.  He is humble to a fault.  In fact, in November, without telling anybody, he went to a NAGA grappling competition.  He went on his own, and there were no coaches with him.  He took first place in one division and second place in another division.  Then, when he came back, he just casually mentioned this to me after a class was over.

Hyouk is incredibly respectful, and his love for his family is very strong.  He is a wonderful person, and it is an honor to have had him train with us.

We wish you the best, and we hope to train with you again in the future.

May God bless!

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