Student of the Month

Our Student of the Month for September is Chris Tran.  Chris is ten years old and he trains four times per week!  He’s a solid young man, and he is an up-and-coming martial artist.

      Chris says  that he originally got into the martial arts because his older sister was picking on him, and he needed to learn how to defend himself.  Subsequently, Chris says that, after taking the martial arts, he is now able to do just that.  🙂  He also says that he started the martial arts because he thought it would be cool to do.  Currently, Chris studies Kung-Fu, Karate, and Muay Thai Kickboxing with us.

Chris really enjoys learning the defenses and obtaining the skills that he is taught in class.  He likes the different movements involved, and in particular, he enjoys that what he is learning is practical and useful.  Chris is also really happy that he has made a number of new friends from his martial arts classes.  He likes the workout involved, and he says he can move “faster” than when he first started.

When not at the dojo, Chris likes to play outside, and he likes to study science.  He aspires to be a black belt one day, and he is willing to put the work in that is necessary to get there.  Overall, Chris is one of those kids who does a great job of paying attention in class.  He is consistent in his attendance, and he works hard.  We are very proud of you, Chris, and we are certain that you can attain that black belt in the future… just keep up the hard work!