Karen Myrick – 2nd Degree Black Belt

2nd Degree Black Belt, 8-20-2022

1st Degree Black Belt, 8-22-2020

Karen Myrick


Doctor Karen Myrick is a great martial artist with a very diverse background.  There’s an expression that states, “Before you learn to hurt, you should learn to heal.”  Dr. Myrick has done just that!  Not only is her area of medical practice inclusive of orthopedics, which is really topic appropriate for the martial arts, but she has also completed a well-published study that combines the two areas.   

“The Evaluation of A Novel ACL Injury Prevention Program: Can Martial Arts Break-fall Training Help Prevent ACL Injuries”  — (Spoiler alert- the answer is, “Yes.”)

Dr. Myrick, AKA Sijye Karen, is a high level practitioner in the Sho Biyn Jiu Kung-Fu system, the style of Aikijujutsu, and she also trains in Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Karen Myrick
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