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Black Belts

Reaching the rank of black belt is an incredible feat.  The journey is quite arduous, and very few people that begin their training have the initiative and perseverance to make it to that level.  Those students who do attain the level of black belt with Plus One Defense Systems are provided with more than just the recognition of achievement.  They are provided with useful skills that will help them throughout their lives.

At Plus One, our standard curriculum black belt examination is a process that takes three days.  The exam tests prospective candidate’s fortitude on mental, emotional, and physical levels.  The photos below are provided as confirmation of rank for those who have passed the exam and have reached the level of 1st Degree Black Belt or higher in the Sho Biyn Jiu system.  For questions regarding any one of our black belts, please feel free to contact Sensei Darin Reisler at 860-922-5343.

Congratulations, Team Plus One Black Belts!

We Work Hard for YOUR Continued Success.

Whether your focus is self-defense, overall health, competition, sport, or getting into the octagon, the team at Plus One Defense Systems is behind you, pushing you to new heights!