Taekwondo Classes


Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and a Korean form of martial arts. Our junior Taekwondo classes are fun and energetic. We teach defensive skills, forms, and the character-building tenets of Taekwondo. Adult classes focus on offensive and defensive techniques, forms, and sparring. Every taekwondo class is a fantastic workout. Whether you’re here for a workout, to go on to competition, or to learn self defense, our taekwondo classes are the right choice!

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Taekwondo Characteristics & History

Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and a Korean martial art.  The emphasis on kicking techniques makes the art very beautiful.  As one can imagine, it takes years to develop the balance and flexibility necessary to correctly execute the kicking techniques of this form.  The style is a “hard” system that utilizes hand techniques minimally.  We utilize Taekwondo (TKD) and instruct classes in West Hartford, CT that use aspects from this martial art form.

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Taekwondo for Kids!

Taekwondo class is a great choice for kids. The fun and structured classes teach good character, social responsibility, and of course the art of taekwondo!

Karate teaches kids discipline, respect, and self defense.

Children tend to have flexibility that adults needs to work extra hard to attain. Kids are also excellent at pattern memorization. These two qualities give them an edge when beginning their martial arts journey into Kung Fu. Our classes are fun, and children build character while they excel physically.

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Plus One Defense Systems is accredited under the United Martial Arts Alliance (UMAA).  As students progress through the ranks, we are one of the few schools that offer a comprehensive and certified approach to instruction.