Doug Beale III Memorial Scholarship

Doug Beale III was one of our most dedicated students. He usually trained five days a week, and he was tragically killed in a traffic accident in 2006, at the young age of 20.

We have a scholarship program in his honor called the Doug Beale III Memorial Scholarship. Money from this fund has helped students and families at Plus One in many wonderful ways. Over the years, we have helped fund memberships to the academy, provided money for electric bills and food to students and their families, and the fund has also provided money to help pay for medical needs. We even used money from the scholarship program to buy a student a suit who had a job interview. (I’m happy to say that he got the job!)

Basically, the Doug Beale III Memorial Scholarship is a way we help Doug’s legacy live on through the students and families who train here. Every year we hold an event to help fund the scholarship, and donations to the scholarship are accepted all year long. We desire Plus One to be a “home away from home” for those who train with us, and we really do think of our members as family. As such, we try to help each other out when times get tough.

The Doug Beale III Memorial Scholarship program is a way for us to literally put our money where our mouth is on that topic. Doug’s surviving family is actively involved with the event each year, and we are very proud to have Doug’s memory live on with us in such a wonderful way.

The next time you are at Plus One, go over to the heavy bag station and look up. You’ll see a picture of Doug on the wall, and you’ll see a write-up about him, as well as a newspaper article that was published after our first scholarship fundraising event took place in 2006. The Doug Beale III Heavy Bag Station is an important part of our academy, and we thank you for helping to support our students and families when they are in need.

While the fund is not setup with 501(c)3 status, and donations are therefore not tax deductible, we thank you for considering a donation to the Doug Beale III Memorial Scholarship.

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Doug Beale III Memorial Scholarship

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