Plus One Defense Systems West Hartford CT Martial Arts Training

Plus One Defense Systems West Hartford CT Martial Arts Training

Karate and Kenpo Classes

West Hartford, CT

While there are many different styles, karate in general tends to be a striking art that focuses energy in linear motion. This style is different than Kung-Fu, which practices large circular motion as a foundational element of the art. Many different karate styles exist. At Plus One Defense Systems, in West Hartford, CT, we utilize concepts and techniques from the Ed Parker Kenpo System in our karate classes. This system incorporates reverse motion and small circular momentum to harness speed. Focus is usually on techniques that use the hands and arms as the preferred tools. Reverse and complementary motion within the small circular movements also generates a great amount of speed.

Karate for Self Defense

For decades, kenpo has been renowned in the West as one of the most effective and efficient martial arts in existence …


Kenpo is not about fighting. … Once the kenpo practitioner is attacked, his aim is to end the fight however he can as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Our karate curriculum derives largely from the Ed Parker system of kenpo. It is highly structured and gives the student effective techniques to counter virtually any form of attack.

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Karate for Kids

Karate is the perfect martial art form for kids. It teaches principles of discipline, structure, respect, and of course engages their physical need for exercise. Through practice of techniques and forms, our students learn this ancient art in a fun, lively, and safe environment.

Karate teaches kids discipline, respect, and self defense.

Plus One Defense Systems is accredited under the United Martial Arts Alliance (UMAA).  As students progress through the ranks, we are one of the few schools that offer a comprehensive and certified approach to instruction.

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