Plus One Defense Systems West Hartford CT Martial Arts Training

Plus One Defense Systems West Hartford CT Martial Arts Training

Styles We Teach

We offer instruction in many different martial art styles, including mixed martial arts (MMA), traditional martial arts, and soft style martial arts.  We believe in helping students find and adapt the system of study most desirable to them.  By giving students both foundational and in-depth knowledge of the systems for which they desire, we provide them with the capability to make the art grow.  That is to say that we would like for our students to become more than the sum of their training.  With that approach in mind, we offer martial arts instruction, for people in the greater Hartford CT area, in most of the primary and secondary systems of study.  Provided below are brief explanations of those systems.  Videos are included to show some visual examples of the styles.  The videos are from Youtube.  Some are solid examples, others are funny.  All, however, are from Youtube, and contain content and links that may not be appropriate and the links provided by Youtube may not represent the high standards of ethics and values we hold at Team Plus One / Plus One Defense Systems.  Click here to register for a FREE introductory lesson.

If you are specifically interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in Connecticut, please be sure to stop by our pro-shop, as we have two books (published by Darin Reisler) that correspond to our curriculum and are available for purchase.

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