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Many people look at the martial arts and see only punches and kicks. There is a much deeper meaning, though. The true practitioner is an artist- life is the canvas upon which s/he paints.

A number of students and parents have come up to me in the past and talked about how training with Plus One Defense Systems has proven to be beneficial in their lives. Of course, hearing the stories makes me feel wonderful, and I just have to share. This section outlines some of the great ways that our students are using their training. Keep up the good work!

If you have a true story to share about how training with us is making a positive impact, please let Sensei Reisler know. (If you would like me to put your story on the website, let me know that, too. We’ve had many success stories, and the ones here are just a sampling.)

-Austin Malik- from the 5-7 year old class was chosen to be a special helper for a differently abled student at his school who has some special needs. Why was he picked, you ask? Austin was chosen for this privileged responsibility because he was already showing a great deal of care and courtesy to the student. Austin, way to go. What a nice and practical way of showing kindness. You make us all proud!

-Sam Kucia- from the 5-7 year old class was recently involved in a tense disagreement with somebody at school. When things got rather heated, Sam told the boy that he could not fight him, or he would get kicked out of karate. This is an excellent example of Sam’s understanding about “fighting” versus “self-defense”. Good job Sam!

-Monique Bernier- from the 5-7 year old class was recently confronted by a bully at school. The bully actually grabbed her, and she used a technique she learned in class to get away from him. Staff at the school were notified, and Monique was able to get away without getting hurt.

-Katie Ray- from the 5-7 year old class has improved her behavior so much since she started karate that her school has taken notice. Katie is behaving better in class and at home. Keep up the good work, Katie!

-Both Alex Vetre and Collin Porter- from the 5-7 year old class have been honored with Citizenship Awards for showing strong character at school. Nice job Collin and Alex!

Allie Stanton- from the 5-7 year old class has been honored with a Citizenship Award for character. (Hmmm…. I see a pattern. Our students are growing into people of strong character!)

Justin Nastri- from the 5-7 year old class, and his brother Dylan, enjoy practicing karate a lot. (Justin has taken lessons for some time, and Dylan wants to take lessons when he is old enough.) Justin and Dylan were at home one day, and Dylan decided it was a good time to practice some moves… on Justin! He hit Justin pretty hard, and he did so when Justin wasn’t expecting it. So what did Justin do about it? Being the trained karate student that he is, and knowing that he should not hit anybody out of anger, he went and told his mom about what happened. He handled the situation peacefully, and he did not retaliate against his brother. You go, Justin!

Allie Stanton- yet again on the list! She recently used her hard earned chore money to buy toys for those who are less fortunate that she is. Way to be, Allie.

Adam Martin and Sean Delaney- from the youth class (8-12 years old) recently conducted a class project on karate. The project, complete with visual aids, was well done and helped show how karate is well-rounded and is much more than just kicking and punching. (Although, I understand they did complete a demonstration… wish I was there!)

Katie Corrigan- from the youth class (8-12 years old)- went to her first tournament and did a great job. She competed in both forms and sparring and came in as a finalist. Thanks for doing such a fine job of representing the school Katie!

-Lindsay Taylor recently donated her hair to “Locks of Love”, which is a charitable organization that provides hair pieces to children that suffer from medical conditions which cause long-term hair loss. Ms. Taylor, what an awesome way to show love and care for others. We’re proud to train with you!

Marissa Malik- from the youth class (8-12 years old)- donated her hair to “Locks of Love”. It really does make me proud to have such wonderful, kind and loving students as you, Marissa.

Chrissy DelGreco- from the youth class (8-12 years old)- donated her hair to “Locks of Love”. It seems we have yet another trend. Our students are giving selflessly to others. Chrissy, wow. That’s awesome; it’s so great to see you giving so humbly to others.

Megan Weiler- from the youth class (8-12 years old)- is an incredible writer and is being honored for her work with the Young Author’s Award. She’s receiving the award for her piece which is entitled, “How One Person Can Make A Difference.” Wow…that’s cool! Click here to read the story in .pdf format (Acrobat Reader). If you do not have Acrobat Reader, download it free! (Click on the link and follow the directions.)
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-Siera Reisler, from the 8-12 year old advanced class, was walking home from the bus stop and found a purse in the snow. The purse belonged to a high school student, had a credit card, identification, and over $40 in it. Siera was alone when she found the purse, and she could have easily taken the money. She didn’t though! She did the right thing, and she helped to track down the owner and return the purse with ALL of its contents. Thanks for being honest, Siera. You make us proud!

-Siera Reisler (once again) entered an art contest with the theme of “Home Safety”. The contest was specifically oriented toward fire hazards, and Siera took 1st place locally and 1st place in State! She won $1000 for the state competition, and she donated $100 of that to charity [even though her friends that she was nuts for doing so]. Great work, Siera!

-Marissa Malik- from the 8-12 year old class, raised money for UNICEF via selling lemonade. As a result, she made a trip to the UN building to present the funds raised. Excellent job!

-Mollianne Delaney- from the 8-12 year old class, recently cut her hair and put it to extremely positive use by donating it to Locks of Love. I’m continually impressed by the generosity of our young students. Nice job Molli! You do a wonderful job in and outside of class! (Molli’s parents sent me some pictures, so I a couple of them are included below. As you can see, getting her hair cut was a big deal! I’m proud of you, Molli!)

-Mr. Blaskow- from the adult class was confronted with a situation involving an angry neighbor. He was able to keep the situation verbal, despite the very high tension, and he did an excellent job of avoiding a physical altercation.

-Mr. Revillini- had been considering the idea of quitting smoking. Recently, he made the decision and gave up the habit. A part of his decision involved his kickboxing abilities. Mr. Revillini is an excellent kickboxer with a great deal of talent. Knowing he would need to give up cigarettes to excel helped him make the final decision to quit.

-Mr. Taylor- has been wearing glasses for quite some time. His eyes have become quite strained as a result of stress. Since beginning karate, he is finding that the training helps to release a great deal of stress, and his eyes show the proof. His prescription continues to dwindle, and he now only needs reading glasses.

-Ken Corrigan- was ranked NUMBER 1 in the State of Connecticut for Forms, and NUMBER 3 in the state for sparring in 2003 (via He participated in the 30-39 year old age division. (We’ll let you guess whether or not he’s closer to 30… or 39. :-)

-Plus One- On June 11, 2005 we held the “Kicks For A Cause” event at the dojo. Kicks were thrown… boards were broken… and all to support a good cause. $570 was donated to The Bridge Family Center in West Hartford. Margaret Hann, the Executive Director for The Bridge, came herself to witness the work of the students. Good job everybody!

-Plus One- November 2005 we held a holiday related self-defense seminar that was free… well… basically free. Participants were asked to bring non-perishable food items as admission. Overall donations included many cans of food, and $300 cash. All donations were given to Miracle World Outreach Ministries for distribution to the local community. (Miracle World Outreach Ministries is the church that meets at Plus One on Sunday evenings).

– Thaddeus Alexis- Thaddeus won 1st place in freestyle swimming, 2nd in back stroke, and 2nd in breast stroke. Nice job Thaddeus!

– Siera Reisler- She donated her hair to “Locks of Love”.

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