Plus One Defense Systems West Hartford CT Martial Arts Training

Plus One Defense Systems West Hartford CT Martial Arts Training

Activities & Community

At Plus One Defense Systems we pay special attention to the relationship we have with our local and global community through activities, outreach programs, and events. 

Additionally, we offer private sessions, community programs, training for criminal justice professionals, training for women’s groups, colleges, universities, local organizations, and corporate programs.  Our specialized staff wants to help you receive the benefits of martial arts training!

Provided below is a copy of our Mission, Vision, and Professional Statement:


Our mission at Plus One Defense Systems is to provide the highest quality of martial arts instruction available, with the greatest diversity of styles available, in a personal fashion that caters to the individual needs of our students.

We desire to make a positive impact on our local and global community, to be an extension of the family for which our students look to for mental, physical, and spiritual growth, and to be a “home away from home” for those who train with us.


Our vision at Plus One Defense Systems is to be the number one destination for martial arts in the region.  With the highest quality instruction, and the greatest variety of disciplines available, we want to be known as a place that offers expert training in a complete complement of martial arts styles. 

We desire to cater to the individual who trains, based on her/his specific needs and goals.  With this in mind, our goal is to be a school that shows the highest degree of care and the greatest level of customer service available.  We want to be more than a school; we want to be an extension of the community, a home away from home.


Plus One Defense Systems seeks to be a financially successful organization that supports the physical, mental, and spiritual growth of the individuals and families who are involved with us.  We desire to provide an environment that offers a holistic approach to martial arts training, branching out to multiple venues, and connecting intimately with the community we serve.

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